Staten Island Lions was founded in 2004 by Master Glenn Chin. SIL started as a small group performing at local events and have grown with many new members dedicated to the art of Lion Dancing and Martial Arts. We now perform at birthdays, Grand Openings, weddings, martial arts events, charities and the numerous events for New York's Chinatown community such as: Lunar New Year celebrations, Firecracker Ceremonies, Independence Day Parade, Autumn Moon Festivals and Labor Day Parade. It's been an honor to have this opportunity to instill our heritage in the youths of the new generation and may they keep it alive!


Join Us!

Our team consists of Lion Dancers, Drummers, Cymbal and Gong Players, and other support members. The members are constantly changing because of school or work. We look for new members every year especially in the 2 months leading up to Chinese New Year. If you think that you might want to be part of The Staten Island Lions email us at

Founders of
SI Lions
Glenn Chin
Robby Chin
Glenn Chin
Robby Chin
Danielle Chin
Winnie Chin
Steven Chin
Lion Dancing Team
Aaran Chan
James Chan
Amy Chanikornpradit
Mabel Chanikornpradit
Alan Chen
Carolyn Chen
Jacky Chen
Kristen Chin
Robby Chin
Steve M. Chin
William Chin
Robert Dingle
Richard Duong
Adriann Galvez
Eric Ha
Victoria Hajaistron
Simon Ho
Andrew Hwang
Cindy Hsu
Louis Iorio
Gene Kang
Richie Laleh
Matt Law
Nick Lawyue
William Le
Richard Leem
Ivan Leung
Jaime Lew
Priscilla Lo
Winston Ma
Franky Mai
Jonathan Mui
Alex Ng
Alvin Ng
Brian Ng
Winston Shek
Joey Tam
Sunny Tam
Kevin Tan
Mona Tan
Carlyn Valera
Danny Wong
Maggie Yang
Vicky Yang
Lung Yuen
Panny Zhao

Steven Chin
Tony Iorio
Lucy Kho
Allison Lee
Phillip Lee
Winnie Chin
Tony Iorio
Web & Graphic Designer
Phillip Lee
Support Team
Joseph Chan
Sue Ling Chan
Raymond Cheung
Elizabeth Chin

Leman Lam
Felix Lam